Preserving our communities through responsible and sustainable planning.

Who We Are was founded in April 2009 by a couple of concerned citizens who wanted more information about the land-use change that was being considered by the Snohomish County Council. They began attending all of the Snohomish County hearings that relate to Point Wells so the neighborhood would have an organized presence and voice in the proceedings.

We have a four member board and a group of experts that advise us on land-use policy, politics, fundraising, development and transportation. The board and some of our experts work on this project gratis because they feel very strongly about it, while other contributors require payment for their time.

There are myriad issues with Point Wells, but at the simplest level we believe that Snohomish County violated the Growth Management Act when designating Point Wells an urban center. This belief was vindicated on April 25, 2011 when the Growth Board resoundingly agreed with us that Point Wells is not an appropriate site for an urban center.

While recognizing the Growth Board ruling, the developer claimed it did not prevent them from proceeding because under state law they had a vested right to build an urban center regardless of the Growth Board ruling. In response, Save Richmond Beach and the Town of Woodway filed suit in Superior Court questioning the validity of the vesting claim.

On November 23, 2011, King County Superior Court agreed with us, over-turning the developers vesting and enjoining Snohomish County from processing the development application. This proved to be a temporary victory as both the State Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court did not agree and overturned the decision, ruling that the developer indeed had a vested right to build an urban center at Point Wells.

While disappointed in that outcome , we continue to work with local governments to reduce the size of the development as much as possible. We are not against development at Point Wells, but we strongly believe that development at Point Wells should to responsible, legal and sustainable.

Your time, talents, and financial support is critical for our ability to continue this fight. If you would like to volunteer your time, please email

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