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New to the area? You need to know what’s happening at Point Wells.

Point Wells is a 64 acre property located on the shore of Puget Sound in the extreme southwestern corner of Snohomish County, immediately north of the City of Shoreline. The only access to the site is through Shoreline using Richmond Beach Drive, a narrow winding 2 lane local road that dead ends at Point Wells and typically has only a few hundred cars trips a day.

Starting in 1912 Point Wells was used as an asphalt refinery and light petroleum products and lube oil distribution terminal. The asphalt refinery closed in 2000 and the site now operates as a marine fuel transfer and asphalt distribution facility. The site has always generated some truck traffic, but residents were used to that since the trucks were using the road before the residences were built.

In early 2011 the owner of the Point Wells property filed a development application in Snohomish County to build an Urban Center on the site including over 3,000 residential units and over 100,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. The plans call for multiple towers to be built, some as tall as 180 feet (the tallest buildings between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.). The development is expected to add over 10,000 new cars trips each day to Richmond Beach Drive, more than 20 times the current number of trips. Click for here for the rest of the story....

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