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We are still waiting for the State Supreme Court to issue it’s ruling on whether the Point Wells developer, BSRE, has a vested development permit that would allow them to build the proposed Urban Center at Point Wells.  We expect a ruling in the next 4 weeks.

Meanwhile, the Snohomish County and BSRE are assuming the court will issue a favorable ruling so they are moving forward with preparations for the required environmental review.  Snohomish County recently opened the 30 day scoping comment period for the review.  During this period the public can submit comments to the county about what issues the environmental review should address and what mitigation should be considered for problems caused by the development.

Comments can be submitted in writing, through email, or by speaking at either of two public hearings.  The county issued a Determination of Significance and Request for Comments on Scope of EIS with instructions for submitting comments.  Comments must be sent by March 3rd to be accepted.  Most importantly the county set the dates for the two public hearings.

February 2014 
Snohomish County is accepting comments on the scope of the EIS for Pointt Wells.
Shoreline is sponsoring workshops to examine ways to minimize the traffic impact generated by development at Point Wells

The first public workshop is the evening of Wednesday, February 12th, 6:30 to 9:00 in the Shoreline City Council Chambers.  You can get more details on the City’s event calendar page for the meeting.   We will keep you up to date on other meeting dates as they get closer.
This is another chance for you to make sure the City and the developer are doing everything possible to reduce the impact of this development and everything possible to keep our streets safe.

February 12th – Traffic Corridor Study for Point Wells
The City of Shoreline is working with the developer to complete a Traffic Corridor Study (TCS) that will become part of the final environmental review. The study will look at the impact on traffic flow caused by the vehicles travelling to and from the development as well as possible mitigation that will increase the amount of traffic our streets can handle without causing unacceptable delays. The City is hosting a series of public workshops in the next 3 months to gather public input on the traffic issues and possible options to reduce the impact to our neighborhood.

February 18th – Public Hearings for Environmental Review for Point Wells
There are two public hearings to accept comment on the scope of the environment review. Both hearings are scheduled for February 18th.  There is an afternoon meeting from 12:30 to 2:30 in Everett at the Snohomish County Administration Building (3000 Rockefeller Ave.) and an evening meeting from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Shoreline Conference Center (18560 1st Ave NE). You only need to attend one of these hearings to submit your verbal comment.
We encourage you to attend either or both of these meetings so Snohomish County and the developer will know that we still have many concerns about the impact of a city-sized development at the end of a two lane road. You can go to Snohomish County’s Point Wells web page for more information and documentation concerning Point Wells.


September 2013
Futurewise and Shoreline Coalition for Open

amicus briefs

October 2013
State Supreme Court
oral arguments will begin. Olympia, WA

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